The Spellbinding Shelf Book Bloggers is a student organization at Arizona State University that gives college students practical writing and editing skills. We publish posts covering all things bookish including fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

Follow us on our journey to support avid readers and promote the local literary community through our student-run blog!

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Founding Editors:

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Current Staff:


Mackenzie King is a junior at Barrett, the Honors College majoring in History and English Linguistics and minoring in German. She has previously interned at the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies in Scholarly Publishing. She has also worked as a Community Activist for the Sedona Action Network, a group of organizations supporting social and economic justice. She currently works as a Research Assistant for the ASU History Department. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and knitting.

Managing Editor

Jade Stanton is beginning her sophomore year at Arizona State University. She is pursuing a Physics degree through Barrett, the Honors College. She is a proud parent of multiple plants and an adorable dog. In her free time, she enjoys reading, painting, and playing the piano. 

Communications Coordinator

Roxanne Bingham is beginning her senior year at Arizona State University. She is pursuing a degree in Secondary Education (English) and Creative Writing through Barrett, The Honors College. She hopes to write a best-selling novel (or more) someday. At the moment, she works as an Online Writing Tutor for ASU and is entering her first semester of interning with a mentor teacher at a middle school. 

Staff Writer

Abhilasha Mandal is a student of computer science at ASU with a love for English literature. She is a fan of the classics, especially great love stories. Alongside her passion for writing, she hopes to build a career in data science. She sincerely believes the future holds the likes of The Great Automatic Grammatizator.

Staff Writer

Erin Peters is a junior at Arizona State University pursuing a degree in English (Creative Writing). She writes as a way to explore, and hopefully shatter, her boundaries. Her love of reading fuels her passion for writing and she is the proud owner of a collection of over 300 books. In her free time she enjoys running, playing soccer, and spending time with her dog, Ruby.

Staff Writer

Sharon Enck is a published writer, blogger, and film trivia aficionado. Her current project is an anthology of short stories, and she plans to teach English and spread her love of reading. When she isn’t studying or writing, she is spending time with her daughter, husband, and spoiled cat.

Staff Writer

Amanda Thomas is a senior in Arizona State University’s Online Program. She majors in English and has studied Art and Humanities with Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. She has always harbored a love for literature, creative writing, art, and all things strange and unusual. When at home, she enjoys reading, journaling, writing poetry, and painting while plants, pets, and her two children vie for her attention. She is an avid nature lover, and loves to spend time outdoors. She lives with her family in Omaha, Nebraska currently but plans to travel the world someday and write about and photograph her experiences. 

Staff Writer

Rikki Tremblay is a doctoral candidate in interdisciplinary communication studies at Arizona State University. She studies arts-based and nature-based research methods, ecological communication, and non-normative identities and relationships. She is currently working on her dissertation and a book of poetry. She loves reading and writing as well as spending time with her wife and two small dogs. 

Staff Writer

Jaycee Graffius is a freshman at New College and is majoring in Forensic Science. She has a passion for books that are strange and magical, especially fantasy. She has a cockatiel named Neuton, who is spoiled silly, and ten plants that she has named after her favorite book characters. She hopes to one day write her own fantasy series while still becoming a doctor. In her free time, she likes to bike, write, color, crochet, and craft.

Staff Writer

Lauren Kuhman is a sophomore at Arizona State University studying Nonprofit Leadership and Management. She got her love of reading from The Hunger Games and has since branched out to reading a variety of books. In addition to reading, she enjoys baking, traveling, drawing/coloring, and art history.

Staff Writer

Melanie Wilson is a second year Journalism student at Arizona State University, minoring in Spanish and Business Analytics. She has been writing fictional short stories and poems since she can remember, and her passion for writing and connecting with others through her words is what keeps her motivated. She works as a Writing Mentor for Arizona State University and has been published in the Sun Lakes Splash newspaper and Coveo Blog, as well as her own blog, Mel’s Mind