The Spellbinding Shelf Book Bloggers is a student organization at Arizona State University that gives college students practical writing and editing skills. We publish posts covering all things bookish including fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

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Founding Editors:

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Current Staff:


Jaycee Graffius is a freshman at New College and is majoring in Forensic Science. She has a passion for books that are strange and magical, especially fantasy. She has a cockatiel named Neuton, who is spoiled silly, and ten plants that she has named after her favorite book characters. She hopes to one day write her own fantasy series while still becoming a doctor. In her free time, she likes to bike, write, color, crochet, and craft.

Managing Editor

Jade Stanton is beginning her sophomore year at Arizona State University. She is pursuing a Physics degree through Barrett, the Honors College. She is a proud parent of multiple plants and an adorable dog. In her free time, she enjoys reading, painting, and playing the piano. 

Communications Coordinator

Taylor Dilger is a sophomore at Arizona State University majoring in English and minoring in Media Analysis. Her two biggest passions are reading and writing and hopes to one day work at a publishing house. She currently works as a lifeguard and enjoys posting to her bookstagram, @inkonthe.page, in her spare time.

Staff Writer

Sharon Enck is a published writer, blogger, and film trivia aficionado. She is a Senior majoring in English with a concentration in Creative Writing, and she plans to use her degree to inspire and educate fellow wordsmiths and bookworms. She recently won NaNoWrimo and her current writing projects include a collection of short stories, and 101 word essays. When she isn’t studying or writing, she is spending time with her daughter, husband, and spoiled cat.

Staff Writer

Lauren Kuhman is a sophomore at Arizona State University studying Nonprofit Leadership and Management. She got her love of reading from The Hunger Games and has since branched out to reading a variety of books. In addition to reading, she enjoys baking, traveling, drawing/coloring, and art history.

Staff Writer

Paul Stanton is a sophomore studying Graphic Information Technology at Arizona State University. When not in school he reads books about magic, draws maps of cities that don’t exist, and tells ghost stories to his dog. His dream job is being the guy who draws the maps on the inside covers of fantasy books, the ones with “Here be dragons” written in the margins.

Staff Writer

Michael Rezaie Weaver is a creative writer studying English at ASU. Entering his Junior Year, he considers himself a connoisseur for alternative storytelling mediums such as comics, manga, and video games. He hopes to sharpen his writing and delve further into his passions for video games and comics by authoring his own stories within those mediums, and advocating for their literary merit.

Staff Writer

Makayla is a Junior at Arizona State University studying Philosophy, Global Studies, and Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership. When she’s not trying her hardest to understand philosophers like Socrates or al-Farabi, she is easily distracted by reading anything fictional, dogs, the Constitution, watching cheesy rom-coms with her family, and chatting about anything from the deepest ethical issues to straight up nonsense.