Book Launch @ Changing Hands Phoenix

Heather Hillenbrand: A Girl’s Magic: The Journey Into a Girl’s Life Changes

Parents—this one’s for you. Join Changing Hands Phoenix on Saturday, August 10th at 5:30 pm to celebrate the launch of Heather Hillenbrand’s new book: A Girl’s Magic.

Sitting down to talk with your preteen about her body’s changes can be an uncomfortable—and sometimes uninformed—experience. Enter Hillenbrand’s A Girl’s Magic. In the book, Hillenbrand combines comprehensive information with beautiful illustrations, and even poetry, in order to inform while letting young girls know that they (and their bodies) are truly magical.

An excellent event and book for parents, don’t miss this night at Changing Hands Phoenix!

Read more information here.

Location: Changing Hands, 300 W Camelback Road, Phoenix

Date: Saturday, August 10th

Time: 5:30 pm

Price: Free

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